Glass Rooms


Flexible, versatile, modern space

Bring your garden into your house with an award winning, elegant, all-glass room - providing a smooth transition to your outside space.

Glass Rooms

Enjoy being outdoors, no matter the weather? Patio 365 bespoke glass rooms are perfect for you. We at Patio 365 can offer you a Flexible, versatile, modern space, designed to compliment your house. Bring your garden into your home with an award winning, all-glass room. Our glass rooms are of a high quality construction using extremely strong, light and stable aluminium, which is reinforced with steel inserts where necessary.

Our glass rooms are available with either sliding doors or concertina style doors. Every glass room is powder coated providing a hardwearing weatherproof finish. A range of colours and accessories are available from sunshades, vertical sunscreens to lighting and energy efficient heating. We provide the perfect glass room allowing you to enjoy your patio 365 days a year.

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Finance now available on all of our product range including garage doors, patio awnings, entrance doors, glass rooms, garages & workshops and hot tubs.

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